Sunday, 6 January 2013

Getting Ready for 2013

Getting ready for the classroom in 2013 has some very specific challenges. I should create a list and address each one individually, however, for the moment it is whatever I stumble upon.

Today I am thinking about sharing! Technology is not new to classrooms but ability to save and share has not been a significant issue, beyond ensuring students understand the difference between saving on a computer at home and saving to a network. Saving and storing with iPads will be a test for best practice for students and staff.

Today's suggested reading:ipad Sharing pdf.

Also this site offers more suggestions! The Pains and Remedies of iPad Sharing

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  1. Students creating and sharing work on shared devices in Year One was certainly a issue that I battled with for most of 2013. Being so little, it was unrealistic to have the students emailing files or using other file sharing methods mentioned in the above site such as Dropbox. I found that the easiest way to overcome sharing was by providing access to Kidblog, which was developmentally appropriate for the students and accessible from any of the shared devices within the classroom.

    Moving to a BYODD Stage 3 classroom in 2014 meant that I now face new challenges withe my students. The implementation of Teacher Dashboard has made it easy for the students to upload their work into specific folders and the site seems to allow a large variety of file types. One of the struggles I face now is providing feedback on the students work. On a desktop computer, the students would be able to see the comments that I leave on a picture, pdf. or video but it seems that on the iPad they can only view the comments that are left on a Google Doc. I am interested to see how other teachers are overcoming this issue or if Google Drive will address this issue in a future update.