Thursday, 27 December 2012

Module 2 - Making Connections

Surfing the Internet using Safari has been straight forward but working through this module still brings light to many extra tips & features e.g. Touch (hold) and drag the .com key to see/select a hidden options. Particularly useful is the Tap ‘Add to Reading List’ to add a webpage to the list so that you can read it later. I find articles quickly accumulate but when I do have some quiet reading time it's handy to quickly locate articles previously saved. Exploring the built-ins apps as enlightening when I first opened my iPad and I quickly found those apps which would be the most useful. I use calendars as my daily reference for school & personal dates & information. I have set up separate calendars for each with both visible a the same time. So quick to add dates too.

I commenced using Newstand to store my newspaper & magazine subscriptions - a quick go-to when there's time for leisure reading.

One chapter of interest in the Apple User Guide is that dealing with Safari as the web browser. Teaching young students, it has always been an important lesson to teach them how to become more proficient and effective when searching the web. This used to involve the teaching of skills when Internet Explorer. Teaching them to use Safari will involve viewing webpages, links, creating reading lists, bookmarks & history and printing weaves & PDF. This helps to remind us as teachers how important it is for students to have the skills they need to work effectively and it is our responsibility that those skills are clearly shown and students given many opportunities to Practise and reinforce skills learnt.

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